DIY Concrete Resurfacing techniques

Concrete surfaces are one of the best and most durable surfaces. It has been used for long time proving to be able to withstand any kind of weather or harsh handling and it is suitable for any place. After being tolerant for a long time though it could get damaged losing the shine it once had.

pool deck restorationIf you happen to have a surface that has turned to an eye-sore then you should by all means make it shiny and beautiful again. Actually, you not might even make it better than it was before because you could learn how to make it look anyway you want, literary.  Who said concrete has to be plain grey or simply white, there is no need to stick to the old guidelines of laying it into sections with dividing joints that are supposed to keep it from cracking while you can make it look like anything.

Some people choose to make their concrete floorings look like wooden floors with a design of a basketball court. You could have marble, brick or even slate design. If you are patient and with the right technique then you have the ability to bring your wildest imagination to life, all you need to learn is how to do it.

  • Surface preparation

The first thing you would need to do is to prepare the surface. Make sure that it is clean without any cracks, scaling or dusting. You can wash the surface with water and light scrubbing that will reveal the damages and for mildew and stains you could power wash it and rinse it with warm water and bleach. You might require getting a concrete expert depending on the damage you are facing but you could also fix it with crack and scaling repair techniques.

  • Resurfacing steps

Once you are done preparing the surface, the steps might vary with the job you are doing.  The basics are that you have to mix the polymer, add the overlay and mix it with drill then stir your colorant to the consistency you desire.  Make sure you follow the manufacturer instructions when you mix the materials you have. Apply the mixture to the substrate and trowel or squeeze it. After that you can apply the finish you like but you have to follow the steps given. You can have a Broom finish for high a high traction area, Spray Down or Knock Down are for smooth areas or if you want to create some design and Stamp is best for textured surfaces where you put stamps for the design.

  • Resurfacing options

Once you are done, you can then apply a sealant without forgetting to follow the instructions and you will need to give it time to dry so ensure there is no rain if outside or no traffic if inside. There are various options like stamping a brick design or bordering designs around a marble design. You could even have your kids stamp their hand prints there; the idea is to go wild with it.

  • Conclusion

If you cannot consider yourself that artistic there are numerous tools you could use with amazing designs to come up with what you want. There are finishing tapes and stencils if I could just mention a few and if you feel like you are not really into it, you could call in an expert to handle it.

If your project is extensive, consider calling a professional in your local area.  Concrete restoration, including pool deck repair can be quite complicated.  Even when done with experience, concrete coatings can suffer a short life if done done with utmost professionalism.

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Getting the Most out of Therapy and Counseling

Getting the Most out of Therapy and Counseling

Therapy has been known to be an effective answer and treatment for emotional and mental problems. However, to reap its full benefits, it is important to choose and engage the right therapist, one you can trust and who makes you feel that he or she care for your relationship and of course has the required experience and expertise to help you make those necessary changes in your life. A good relationship therapist will help you become stronger, more self-aware and therefore able to contribute more to that relationship. However, the therapists alone will not be able do the work, you must be a very active participant individually or as a couple.

therapy-counseling-1It is a fact that talking with a supportive person about your feelings and thoughts makes you feel much better. In itself and even of itself, it is known to be very healing to voice and tell somebody about your worries or just talk about what is weighing and bothering you individually or as a couple. Knowing that somebody is listening or cares and wants to assist feels good.

Though it may be helpful to talk to family members and close friends, sometimes, you may require help from a qualified relationship therapist which those immediately surrounding us may not be able to give. When that extra support or perspective from the outside; that expert guidance is needed talking or meeting a counselor or therapist may be the help to need. True, family and friends are important, but therapy is altogether different. Relationship therapists are professionally-trained to listen and help you get problem root, overcome those emotional challenges, and ultimately make those positive changes that are needed.

Granted, therapy can be very challenging, time consuming and uncomfortable because thoughts and emotions that often arise are part of that healing and treatment process. A relationship therapist, however will provide benefits that are long-lasting and which go beyond mere symptom relief. It gives you and your partner tools for changing and transforming your lives and coping with whatever life throws at you.

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The Secret to Recovering From Grief

Secret to Recovering and Overcoming Grief

grieving coupleTragedies cannot be predicted when they will happen. They do occur when you least expect it even during fragile moments. They strike anyone whether a child or an adult and the recovery process is really important to any victim. Mental healing and overcoming grief is not an easy thing to find although when you do, you will be a stronger person than before. It is easier for a person to withdraw from the rest of the world if he or she does not recover from grieve. You need people who care about you to be around to comfort you. Isolating yourself may not be the solution; instead, it will accelerate your pain and increase the amount of time you need to heal.

It will be very easy for a grieving person to push away co-workers and friends. This may also lead to undesirable behavior and habits which may make an individual to backslide. You can turn to alcohol and sexual misbehavior due to the kind of stress you’re going through.

When you have friends around you, they will try hard to bring you back to yourself and pick up the pieces of your life. You can also find activities you can engage in that will help you dealing with grief. You will get to hear other people’s experiences and learn that many people have gone through and managed to get their lives back. The more you encounter such grieving situation, the stronger you get with your life.

You will find guidance and solace from those people who worry and care about you. It is never easy to go through the recovery process and overcoming grief alone. That is why it’s very important to keep your friends around so that they can give what you cannot get from you inner being.

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